Did Sami Zayn And Kevin Owens Reunite On WWE Raw?

Sami Zayn cuts a promo

There are already decades of history between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, but it appears there are a few more chapters to their story.

On the February 20th episode of Monday Night Raw, Sami Zayn opened the show to another huge ovation from the Canadian crowd. Following his defeat by Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber, Zayn was downhearted but not defeated.

Zayn thanked fans for the reception before a huge “you deserve it” chant broke out. The star said that he had been told to finish his story, but in WWE the story never ends. But he is entering the final chapter. He added that this wasn’t just about him and called out Kevin Owens.

Owens also entered to a monster ovation, and once he was in the ring, Zayn made his pitch. Zayn said that he wanted to say “thank you” and “sorry” but realises that the pair are past words. He said that they both wanted to take down The Bloodline and he would stop at nothing to make it happen, so they should do it together.

Kevin Owens Walks Out On Sami Zayn

If the crowd was hoping that the pair would be immediately back together, they were set for disappointment. Despite the crowd chanting “yes,” Owens said that he interfered at Elimination Chamber for himself, noting that his family was at ringside after they were forced to watch on from home when he was destroyed at the Royal Rumble.

Owens said that he had been fighting The Bloodline alone and that’s how he wanted it to stay, closing with a verbal dagger to the heart of Zayn. KO shot back that if Zayn wants help taking down The Bloodline, he should go talk to his buddy Jey.