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Did Randy Orton Set Alexa Bliss On Fire On RAW?

Randy Orton

The final WWE RAW of 2020 most definitely went out with a bang, as a cliffhanger teased Randy Orton setting Alexa Bliss on fire – much like The Viper did with The Fiend at WWE TLC.

Earlier in the show, Alexa Bliss would challenge Randy Orton to meet her in the ring, as the 14-time WWE Champion loitered around the Firefly FunHouse – punting Huskus The Pig Boy and ripping the head off of Ramblin’ Rabbit.

Following Alexa Bliss’ appearance on last week’s RAW, Little Miss Bliss would once again jokingly fuel the flames of The Fiend’s current condition, reminiscing about Orton’s actions. However, a much more sinister Bliss would appear towards the end of RAW as Bliss doused herself in petrol, encouraging Orton to send her to The Fiend by setting her on fire in the middle of the ring.

Bliss delivered a present, in keeping with the season, before revealing a Jerry can and matches. Failing to trigger a response from Orton, the former RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion took matters into her own hands – by emptying the can of gasoline over her head and leaving a trail from Orton, who she’d brandished with matches.

The lights would go out, and RAW would end with Randy Orton being lit in the middle of the ring with a single match – delivering the ultimate cliffhanger for 2020.

What happened? Well, I guess we’ll need to tune in to the first RAW of 2021 to find out – where there’s an added spice as Bliss teased another interaction between Bray Wyatt and Hulk Hogan – who has been confirmed to appear during Legends Night. Wyatt and Hogan had a confrontation earlier this year on SmackDown.

Some of your favourite WWE Legends and Hall of Famers will return for Raw ‘Legends Night’ on the first Monday Night Raw of the new year, January 4, 2021. Viewers in the UK and Ireland can watch via BT Sports 1 HD at 1am.

Full RAW results from this week’s show are available here.