Did Jey Uso Side With Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns and The Usos

Roman Reigns’ death grip on The Bloodline has been broken and in the words of Michael Cole, the Roman Empire has crumbled.

The June 16th episode of SmackDown promised to be one of the biggest nights of Jey Uso’s career and he wasn’t even competing in a match. With his brother Jimmy determined to stand against Reigns and The Bloodline, Jey had a choice to make. Did he join forces with his brother, or turn his back on Jimmy to stand with the Tribal Chief?

In the main event segment of the show it was Reigns, Paul Heyman, and Solo Sikoa who were out first, but they didn’t have to wait long for Jey to arrive.

Reigns asked Jey what his decision was, but the tag team star laid down an ultimatum instead. It was either him or Paul Heyman.

The Tribal Chief was suitably unimpressed by the move and explained that Heyman served him, not The Bloodline. He added that it was his job to take the group to the top of the mountain, but it was Jey’s job to keep them there. Reigns said that they had been training Jey for three years, and the problem was his brother.

At this Jimmy came to the ring and said the problem was actually Reigns and that he was using Jey. Reigns fired back that Jimmy drags Jey down, and that Jey can’t be a twin and a Tribal Chief at the same time. He twisted the knife further by saying that Jimmy had a problem with Jey becoming Reigns’ right-hand man.

A dejected Jimmy confessed that it was true when confronted by Jey, but this is where the segment flipped on its head.

Roman Reigns Continues To Lose Control

Jey referred to himself by his real name (Joshua) and said he was always trying to catch up with his brother, but that he had become Main Event Jey Uso thanks to Roman Reigns.

Just when it seemed that the brothers would be going their separate ways, Jey said that if Jimmy was out, he was too, hitting Reigns with a huge Superkick.

Jimmy and Jey followed that up with a double Superkick on Sikoa, before they finished the job on Reigns to stand tall as the crowd roared their approval.