Diamond Mine Attacked By Debuting Former NXT UK Tag Team Champions

Diamond Mine Creed Brothers

As Diamond Mine appeared to fracture, they were attacked by former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus!

Julius and Brutus Creed are the current reigning NXT Tag Team Champions, and Julius has been pouring over the video of a recent eight man tag team match as something about it bothered him. He revealed on social media that he’d address the situation at NXT Heatwave.

Sure enough, Diamond Mine made their way to the ring, and Julius explained that joining the group gave him the chance to learn from one of NXT’s greatest champions, that being Roderick Strong. However, he said that someone had been out to sabotage Diamond Mine. He then made the shocking revelation that the person in question was Roderick Strong himself.

Strong protested, saying that he’d never sabotage the group he helped start. However, Julius played the tape once more, and claimed that he saw Tony D’Angelo signal to Strong before Strong hit Creed in the face with what appeared to be an accidental knee. The former Undisputed Era member continued to protest, insisting that he wasn’t in league with D’Angelo.

However, the situation would remain unresolved as all four members of the faction were victims of a sneak attack at the hands of Gallus. Joe Coffey along with former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Wolfgang and Mark Coffey stood tall over the fallen group as the segment went off the air.

Later on in the episode, Gallus confronted current NXT UK Tag Team Champions Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen backstage, demanding a match for the titles. Briggs and Jensen said that they’d fight any time, anywhere, and it was determined that the match would take place on next week’s episode of NXT.

The longest-reigning NXT UK Tag Team Champions in history, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang held the titles for an incredible 497 days before losing them to current NXT 2.0 stars Pretty Deadly.