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Diamond Dallas Page Recalls First Meeting With Vince McMahon

Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page has had a career like no other in the wrestling business and has described his first encounter with Vince McMahon where he greeted the WWE Chairman with a warm embrace.

Page was one of WCW’s success stories, becoming WCW World Champion for the first time at Spring Stampede 1999 at the age of 43. He’d go on to win that title two more times before the company’s demise in 2001. Later that same year, Diamond Dallas Page would make his surprise debut in the World Wrestling Federation with a rather unique storyline.

Speaking at the first-ever Inside The Ropes Live event in July 2013, the master of the Diamond Cutter spoke about his first meeting with Vince McMahon.

DDP said:

“Well, first of all, you had to take – I’ll give you some insight – some of you probably know it already, the whole hugging thing with McMahon and Austin. I think everybody hugs each other now, but that’s where it started. When I had my meeting with Vince McMahon, we sat in traffic, I don’t know three hours to get there, it was like Memorial Day weekend, something like that, big holiday weekend. And I flew into New York and then got chauffeured out to Titan. And when I got there, Vince went to shake my hand and I said ‘no, no I’ve been waiting for this for 30 years, you’re hugging me. And I gave him a hug. And I think that became like a rib later on – not think; I know.”

DDP then discussed that storyline which introduced him to the WWF audience – as the stalker of The Undertaker’s then-wife Sara.

For DDP, that idea didn’t exactly thrill him:

“But I came in here with Kimberly, Shane McMahon was there and they brought me this whole stalker angle. Now, I’m thinking you’re looking at Kimberly like, seriously, I’m going to stalk some other chick, you know, but I didn’t want to. I was trying to be political and I was like, ‘well, you know, that doesn’t really work for my character.’ Now, I can understand if I’m doing this to bring out the best in Undertaker, blah, blah, blah. And we go back and forth about it and they really think it’s going to be awesome, blah, blah, blah, and there’s another lesson for you: if you’re fixated on a goal like you know exactly how you’re going to get there, and you’ve manifested in your brain like I’ve done every single goal in my life, including DDP yoga, it may take a while, but I get it every time well here it is: all I have to say is ‘nah, that doesn’t work for me’. Instead of saying what I said, ‘well, you know Vince, I’ve got this other idea’.”

Diamond Dallas Page went on to explain his own idea involved another man at the top of the WWF food chain, The Rock. With both men claiming to be the People’s Champion a one-on-one showdown between the two seemed inevitable but it never came to be.

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