Diamond Dallas Page On Regrets About Not Main Eventing WrestleMania

Diamond Dallas Page posing

Diamond Dallas Page opens up on never getting the opportunity to be in the main event of The Show of Shows.

During his career Diamond Dallas Page established himself as a WCW legend. Although he did not start actively competing in the ring until the age of 35, the former three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion was one of the major players in the Monday Night War together with the likes of Goldberg and Sting.

In 2001, when Vince McMahon bought WCW, DDP was one of the few major WCW stars who accepted buyouts of their AOL Time Warner contracts to immediately sign with the WWE.

On the latest episode of DDP’s Snake Pit, Diamond Dallas Page reflected on not ever main eventing WrestleMania:

“For my last match to be able to do it at AEW, you know, with Cody laying out that finish, I’m happy with that. You know, it wasn’t, you know, wasn’t what I would like to, love to.

You know, I always thought I got to work at WrestleMania. And pretty much everything I set the goal for I did, but you got to be specific sometimes. I mean, I should have been saying to myself, I got to work the main event at WrestleMania. You know, that should have been my goal.

You know, and looking back, you know, you know, I forget I got what I was trying to do, you know, work WrestleMania and I had a great match with Christian, it was midcard and it shouldn’t ever been that like that, you know, but it was what it was.

Super grateful for, for the career that I was lucky enough to have that never should have. But would I have liked it to have been different? Yeah, sure. But try not to even think about it.”

Recently, Diamond Dallas Page revealed that a current WWE star refused to pose with him doing the famous Diamond Cutter hand gesture over fears they’d be sued.

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