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Diamond Dallas Page Recalls Wrestling Eddie Guerrero – “It Was Magic”

DDP Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page has recalled sharing the ring with Eddie Guerrero in WCW, revealing that the former World Champion pushed for the pair to try some innovative spots.

During a recent episode of his DDP Snake Pit podcast alongside Jake Roberts, Diamond Dallas Page recalled facing Eddie Guerrero in WCW.

During the episode, Page described how ever the innovator, Guerrero wanted to try something new to take the match to the next level. The far from straightforward spot was designed around Page hitting his Diamond Cutter finishing move after transitioning out of a Powerbomb.

Despite his reservations, owing to the difficulty of the move, DDP said that come show time, it was like they’d executed the spot a hundred times.

“Eddie comes up and says ‘hey what about a diamond cutter out of a powerbomb?’ I go ‘how are we going to do that? Because your junk is gonna be all in my face!’ Now I’ll tell you who did do that, Orton and Ziggler would later do that…But Eddie said ‘No no, just roll me up on your back.’ So when I pick him up, I roll him so he’s looking up and he’s over my shoulder. I go ‘Now what do I do?’ He goes ‘Boost and I’ll turn direction!’

So I just gave him the boost and right there he spun in the air, but like we’re not gonna practice it, and slides down my back…And look back and I’m like ‘Boy, if we can do that, that would be pretty sweet.’ When we boosted and we went…it was like we did it a hundred times. I mean, it was magic.”

The move was replicated by Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler many years later.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.