Diamond Dallas Page Claims AEW Star Is “The New Ric Flair”

Ric Flair

Over his 50-year career, Ric Flair became one of the most legendary wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring. He spent decades at the top of the NWA and then WCW, racking up 16 World Championship reigns in the process.

He also had a successful run in WWE where he had several different onscreen roles and was a key part of the legendary Evolution faction. To top things off, The Nature Boy was inducted into the Hall of Fame twice, both as an individual and part of The Four Horsemen.

Flair finally hung up his boots for good in July 2022 after having one final match which saw him and Andrade El Idolo defeat Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal.

While many believe nobody will come close to having a career like Flair’s, fellow Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page disagrees.

Diamond Dallas Page thinks AEW’s Chris Jericho is the new Ric Flair

During an appearance on WrestleBinge by Sportskeeda, DDP explained why he sees Chris Jericho as this generation’s Flair, citing his longevity at the top.

“Chris Jericho, I gotta give the nod to him because he’s my boy, but at the same time, I watch how over he is.

“The length of time he’s been there; for me, he’s the new Ric Flair because people have watched him for 25-30 years and when he wasn’t on top, he was on his way to the top and he’s been on the top for over 20 years.”

Long known as a master of reinventing himself, by the time Jericho left WWE in 2018, he had already secured his legacy as a six-time World Champion and nine-time Intercontinental Champion.

However, he wasn’t happy to just walk into the sunset, instead setting new challenges for himself, first in NJPW where he became the IWGP Intercontinental Champion, and then AEW, where he was the inaugural World Champion as well as the Ring of Honor World Champion.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.