Diamond Dallas Page Gives An Update On Buff Bagwell’s Rehab

Diamond Dallas Page - DDP

Diamond Dallas Page has discussed Buff Bagwell’s rehabilitation treatment after Bagwell suffered a relapse in his addiction battle.

Recently, Diamond Dallas Page regrettably announced that Buff Bagwell had entered a rehab facility after suffering a relapse in his recovery from addiction.

Page has previously helped fellow former stars, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall, in their battle with addiction and 52-year-old Bagwell had moved into DDP’s house in an attempt to conquer his own personal demons.

On the most recent episode of his DDP Snake Pit podcast, alongside Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Page commented on Bagwell’s current circumstances, likening them to what Roberts has been through in the past:

“Yeah, you know, Bagwell is his own animal, that’s the best way I can explain it. And for the last year and a half he’d been trying to get [clean] you know, it’s kind of like Jake. Jake really wanted to get clean, at the time he didn’t know it. And it took him getting up and living together at the crib and being there and really starting to believe, man, maybe I could do this, maybe I can really turn my life around. And at some point, even though Jake fell down, he was that shame thing that has to do with addictions.

It’s very heavy. And I didn’t really understand it until we really spent that year and a half together at that accountability group. But he always wanted, I knew he didn’t want to be that guy anymore.”

Diamond Dallas Page continued, saying he will never refer to Bagwell as ‘Buff’ anymore:

“And that’s where Marcus, you’ll never even hear me call him Buff anymore. Because Buff can be an asshole. I don’t want to be associated with someone who isn’t on the up and up. Years ago, I changed the way I eat, because I wanted to get just really healthy good food in my body. At some point I started doing it with my friends too. Like if you’re negative I got no time for you. Now if you’re in trouble, like someone like Jake was or Scott was or, or Marcus, you know still is, I’m going to help you as long as you’re putting the work in.

But if you continue to fall and there is no remorse, kind of like somebody does something now they’re gonna go to the joint or to jail. The judge is looking for one thing first, remorse, like I don’t want to do this. I didn’t want to, you know, I f*cked up.

So when Marcus, he knew that I could help him help his brand, by people saying Oh, Marcus is staying with DDP. Now, it immediately upped his bookings. He got way more phone calls, his price went up and he was doing good. And then we slip and fall and get back up and fall.”

Earlier this year, Bagwell announced that he was cancelling his upcoming appearances to “get himself together.” In the post on social media, Bagwell explained that he would be moving in with Page and taking part in the WWE Hall of Famer’s new “Change or Die” docuseries.

DDP elaborated further:

“And then because what we did is we put him in this show that we shot, although it’s a docu-series, it’s not a reality show, because reality shows are bullsh*t. Reality shows are, you know, you know, okay, you do this and you do that and blah, blah, blah like, that’s to me is not reality, wrestling is the first reality show if you really want to put reality shows in scope, taking real things that happen in real life and then you work I mean that into a storyline.

But when Marcus like, he didn’t think he was an addict, he didn’t think, you know, he had to get in any kind of shape, even though his leg is really bad. He didn’t really think, he thought it was just some of his shortcomings from injuries. And the bottom line is he got on that scale, the first time he got on that scale in the house, he was 268. And I go get on that scale again. Is that right? And it was, you know Marcus, I’m used to seeing him like 235 to 240 max.

So yo, his weight was off, and he wasn’t eating good. And, you know, we had to go away every weekend. So every weekend, either do good or bad.” And towards the latter part of it, because of some screw ups, he started to do much better. And then we got done with it, you know, he finished strong, and then he got caught on a bender.”

Diamond Dallas Page also explained Bagwell unfortunately “fell off the rails” and it was agreed that it was time for him to go to a rehab facility:

“And he just fell off the rails. And this is where if you’re not ready to get your sh*t together, because we’re not rehab people we help a lot of people who need that, but that’s not what we do.

We don’t want to do that. Because it’s so much different than helping someone get their health back. It’s really hard, and you need to be a bit of a professional. And we had an intervention for him, and it was heavy, it was heavy.”

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Inside the Ropes sends well wishes to Marcus “Buff” Bagwell during his time in recovery. If you or someone you know needs treatment for mental health or substance abuse, help is available through SAMHSA in the United States or worldwide through a number of international organizations.