Dexter Lumis Earns WWE Contract, Gives Away Money To Raw Audience Members

Dexter Lumis

Shortly after Dexter Lumis began making appearances on WWE Raw back in August, he found himself seemingly at odds with The Miz, going so far as to kidnap the former WWE Champion later that month and regularly attacking him after donning clever disguises.

However, after claiming that he knew the truth about the reason Lumis had been targeting Miz, Johnny Gargano revealed that Miz had been paying Lumis for his services and that the two were actually in cahoots to get Miz’s name in the news. The scheme hit a snag, though, when Miz stopped paying Lumis, leading to the former member of The Way going after Miz for real.

The two were originally scheduled to go head to head in mid-October, but the match never got a chance to get started since Miz attacked Lumis with a chair. However, on November 28th, the men finally faced off in singles action with the stipulation that if Miz won, Lumis would have to leave WWE Raw forever, but if Lumis was victorious, he would receive a WWE contract and The Miz would be forced to pay him the rest of the money he owed.

Dexter Lumis Defeated The Miz On WWE Raw

Ahead of their scheduled bout, Miz claimed that he was unable to compete as he’d re-injured his hand, which he said last week had suffered an unfortunate run-in with a cactus. However, WWE official Adam Pearce insisted that Miz compete in his scheduled Anything Goes bout.

Miz came to the ring with a Louis Vuitton bag full of money, the rest of Dexter’s promised fee. The bout between the two lived up to its Anything Goes stipulation and featured both a clamp on Lumis’ head and an elbow drop through a table. In the end, Lumis was victorious, and after the bout, he grabbed the bag of money and began distributing $100 bills to members of the WWE Raw audience.

However, an enraged Miz displayed his dastardliness when he attacked Lumis and stole one of the bills from a child. The day was saved, though, when Johnny Gargano attacked Miz and took the money back, returning it to the child.

Elsewhere on WWE Raw, Candice LeRae made her return to the red brand after being off television following an attack from Damage CTRL back in October. Full results from the November 28th episode can be found here.