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Dewey Foley Quits WWE

Dewey Foley yelled at by The Bar

Dewey Foley, son of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, has apparently left WWE after serving time on the company’s creative team.

Dewey Foley joined WWE in 2015 and in early 2016 joined the company’s creative team, first as a writing assistant, working his way up to lead writer of one of WWE’s many shows.

Foley worked as the lead writer of the cruiserweight focussed show 205 Live, with Adam Pearce also said to be a driving force behind the show. 205 Live was cancelled in early 2022 with the final episode of the show airing on February 11th. It was replaced by NXT LVL UP one week later.

Now Mike Johnson of PWinsider has reported that it wasn’t too long after 205 Live was taken off the air that Dewey Foley chose to leave WWE as his exit actually came in April of this year.

In addition to his creative duties, Foley had appeared on-screen as part of the Holy Foley! reality series which aired on the WWE Network and in skits with The New Day as Mr. Bootyworth.

Dewey Foley has been known in wrestling circles for a lot longer than his stint in WWE. The young Foley was the subject of the infamous ‘Cane Dewey’ sign in ECW that led to some of his father’s most memorable promos in the mid-nineties.