More Details Revealed About CM Punk & The Elite Backstage Brawl

CM Punk

A new report has offered more details on the backstage brawl featuring CM Punk and the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, this from the perspective of The Elite.

During the media scrum following AEW All Out and despite being sat just feet from AEW President Tony Khan, CM Punk opened fire on the media, AEW EVP’s, Hangman Adam Page and just about everyone who he felt had wronged him in recent months. Especially taking issue with reports and comments regarding the situation around himself and his former friend Colt Cabana.

After Punk left the press conference a brawl ensued involving the World Champion, his long-time friend Ace Steel, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. It has been reported that Punk was throwing punches with Steel allegedly throwing a chair and biting Kenny Omega.

It was reported in the aftermath that the confrontation began when The Elite went to confront Punk, with the Young Bucks kicking down his dressing room door. While Ace Steel’s actions were said to be motivated by a desire to protect his wife who was also present.

However a further report from Fightful Select featuring information from those close to the Bucks and Omega paints a slightly different picture.

The report states that The Elite went to talk to Punk as he had suggested that he wanted people to do, and they opened the door to his dressing room – not kicking it in. However, before Matt Jackson could speak, Punk “went off” and started throwing sucker punches at his head. Nick Jackson went to intervene but Ace Steel allegedly threw a chair that hit him in the face.

Omega’s initial involvement came when he tried to get CM Punk’s dog Larry out of harms way as the situation continued to escalate. This version of the story states that once Omega had handed off Larry he tried to get Steel off Nick Jackson, but Steel bit him and pulled his hair.

With the two sides eventually pulled apart the shouting continued including Punk’s side making legal threats.

On the September 7th edition of AEW Dynamite the AEW World Championship and World Trios Championship were declared vacant. While new World Champion will be crowned at Grand Slam, Death Triangle claimed the Trios Championship on the same night.