Details On WWE’s New “Talent-Friendly” Agreement With Twitch

Though multiple WWE Superstars found popular online streaming platform Twitch to be both a creative outlet and an additional revenue source, the company cracked down on talent using third-party platforms back in 2020.

A number of WWE stars such as AJ Styles and Zelina Vega had found success on the platform but the company blocked their progress. In Vega’s case, it was reported that this policy played a huge role in her departure from the company in November 2020. Vega re-signed in July of 2021, but until recently, it looked like her return to Twitch was in doubt.

However, a new report from Fightful Select revealed earlier this week that WWE had struck a new deal with the streaming platform that will allow talent to return with “almost no restrictions.” The restrictions that are in place revolve around stars appearing alongside performers from other companies without it being cleared ahead of time.

While there was a talent meeting in April of 2022 informing talent that they would be allowed to return to third-party platforms, a deal with Twitch took longer to finalize. According to the new deal, revenue will be split three ways with the performers themselves and Twitch taking home the majority.

Now, Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer sheds more light on the revenue split, noting that any profit WWE makes from the deal will not come from the talent’s portion of their earnings and will instead be taken from Twitch’s share.

“It is confirmed through talent that WWE’s Twitch cut is from the Twitch side, not the talent side. So the cut for the wrestlers will be the same as anyone else with a Twitch channel”

Furthermore, Andrew Zarian revealed that WWE negotiated for its performers to get a larger cut of earnings than other creators on the platform, making the deal “very talent-friendly.”

“Spoke to a source regarding the Twitch deal with WWE. According to them WWE execs negotiated for talent to get a larger cut than other creators on the platform. This was described to me as a ‘very talent-friendly deal’.”

WWE’s Zelina Vega Confirmed Return To Twitch

Zelina Vega hinted that change was in the air earlier this month when she announced that she would be making her return to the streaming platform “soon.” She’s broadcasted multiple times in the past week.

“It’s official!!!! We are BACK!! Where is my #AtoZ Twitch fam?! I can’t wait to be able to stream with all of you again! Now, not only can you see every EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT on SMACKDOWN.. but a #Twitch screen coming soon!”