Details On What Caused Cash Wheeler’s Injury At Fight For The Fallen


The source of Cash Wheeler’s arm injury from AEW’s Fight For The Fallen edition of Dynamite has been revealed.

Cassidy Haynes of has reported that Wheeler suffered a significant laceration to his right forearm during FTR’s match with Santana and Ortiz.

According to Haynes’ The Push podcast, Wheeler impaled his forearm on the turnbuckle hook, which is used to connect the ring posts, and opened a significant cut:

It impaled his arm. I guess the hook on the turnbuckle, it’s to the side, so when he fell it just cut his forearm, so the turnbuckle hook took a chunk out of his arm, and it was bad bro, it was bad. They instantly had to call an audible and change up the finish of the match.

The report went on to note that Wheeler’s injury was treated on-site and thus saved him a trip to the local hospital.

Though it was not known whether Cash would miss any time, Haynes did note that Wheeler was said to be in good spirits backstage and even attended an MMA show on the following Friday evening.

If Wheeler’s Twitter account is anything to go by, we’d say he was just happy that his team still came out on top.