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Details On Real-Life Confrontation Between CM Punk & Eddie Kingston That Inspired Their Full Gear Feud

CM Punk Eddie Kingston

A new report has shed light on a real-life altercation between CM Punk and Eddie Kingston that could well have inspired their fiery confrontation on AEW Rampage.

Punk and Kingston first went face to face following Kingston’s loss to Bryan Danielson in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament on the 27th of October edition of Rampage. An aggrieved Kingston interrupted CM Punk’s interview time and the two men exchanged words.

On the following Dynamite, Punk addressed his issue with Eddie Kingston, asking for an apology on the 5th of November episode of Rampage. When that came CM Punk asked for Eddie Kingston to join him in the ring and apologise and what followed when Kingston appeared was a segment for the ages.

The two stars went back and forth discussing their issues from years prior that sounded all to real to the fans watching in St. Louis and at home. The tense exchange culminated in Kingston challenging Punk to a fight at Full Gear and The Mad King told Punk that he hoped after the match that Punk would walk away from wrestling for 7 years again.

That sent CM Punk over the edge and he headbutted Kingston with the two men brawling until referees, officials, and fellow AEW stars spilled from the locker room to separate the men.

Dave Meltzer in his most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that a “wrestler/subscriber” sent in a story that might explain some of the ill-feeling between Punk and Kingston:

“I can fully vouch for Eddie’s promo on Punk the other night. I was sitting right there in an IWA Mid South locker room when Punk called Eddie and his partner at the time, Blackjack Marciano, fat, lazy, and unsafe. Marciano had just accidentally injured Delirious in a previous match and Punk was hot about it, so just buried them nonstop. I could see why Eddie hung onto that hate and anger for so long.”

On the 21st of October 2004, IWA Mid-South ran a show named Autumn Armageddon in Evansville, Indiana. According to, this is the only time that Blackjack Marciano shared a ring with Delirious. Marciano teamed with Kingston to face two teams, one of which was Delirious and Claudio Castagnoli – better known today as WWE Superstar, Cesaro. At that show, CM Punk also wrestled against former IMPACT Wrestling star Alex Shelley.