Destination Unknown For Ruby Soho As She Releases New Vignette

Ruby Soho

Ruby Soho is keeping wrestling fans on their toes with her latest vignette as people clamour to work out where the next destination is for the former Ruby Riott.

Soho was released from her WWE contract at the beginning of June alongside former WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman, Lana, Santana Garrett, Buddy Murphy, and Malakai Black. Since then she has rechristened herself as Ruby Soho from Ruby Riott after the Rancid song of the same name.

The former leader of The Riott Squad alongside Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan previously released a vignette that showed her stealing a car before frustration got the better of her. This newest video offering perhaps gives more of a glimpse of what is in Ruby Soho’s future.

Set in New York City this video is entitled The Runaway and sees Soho spray painting a heart followed by the word ‘less’ before being moved on by police. She then walks past another graffiti artist who has written ‘The Riot Is Over’ on another wall. Ruby Soho then shows her ID to get into a bar, first showing one bearing the name ‘Heidi Lovelace’ – her name prior to her WWE career. She tells the bouncer that that’s her old one before producing one with her new moniker on it.

The video finishes with a brief glimpse of a screen that says “Destination _ _ _ _ _ _ _.” The number of spaces has many wrestling fans speculating that Soho’s next appearance could be imminent. Chicago fits the seven-letter space with AEW heading back to the Windy City for All Out on the 5th of September. Others on social media have pointed out that “IMPACT!” also fits. “Unknown” also fits the spaces with “Destination unknown, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Soho” being the catchy refrain of the Rancid song that she is now named after.