“Despite What People Say, He Was Always Good To Me” – WWE Hall of Famer Comes To Vince McMahon’s Defense

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon shocked the world back in July when he announced that he was retiring from WWE, leaving both his seat on the Board of Directors as well as giving up creative duties. The announcement came amidst an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct an hush money payments.

Despite the seriousness of the allegations against him and the fact that backstage morale was reportedly higher in the wake of his retirement, McMahon shocked the world again in early January when he revealed that as majority shareholder, he was electing himself back to the Board of Directors alongside former co-presidents Michelle Wilson and George Barrios in order to help facilitate a sale of the company.

Days later, Stephanie McMahon, who had been made co-CEO of the company alongside Nick Khan when her father retired, announced her resignation from WWE. Moments after her resignation became public knowledge, WWE sent out a press release announcing that Vince McMahon had been unanimously elected Chairman of the Board. However, he has reportedly not taken up creative duties again as Triple H still serves as Chief Content Officer.

Speaking in a new interview with Just Alyx, WWE Hall of Famer Madusa opened up about her relationship with the WWE Chairman.

“I’ve always been Vince’s girl. I was a company girl. I was one of the ones that were always on time, never did drugs … you know what I mean? So I was that girl. Vince always treated me well. Despite what people say, he was always good to me. Well … except for the fact that he killed the division and got rid of me.”

During her time working in WWE as Alundra Blayze, the star won the WWE Women’s Championship. However, in late 1995, she was released from the company despite still holding the title. She famously brought the belt onto WCW television and threw it in the trash, something that enraged McMahon at the time.

“Does Vince McMahon Know?” – Madusa’s Reaction When Being Told She’d Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Earlier in the conversation, the former Alundra Blayze recalled being told that she would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2015.

“Around 2015, I got a text. I was sitting in a driver’s meeting for the monster trucks, getting ready to go race, and I got a few texts from WWE. They told me to call the office.

“I drop everything and I said ‘Are you sure?’ And then my next words were … ‘Does Vince know?’ He started laughing. He goes ‘We’re past that. Vince is way past that. He really wants you in the Hall of Fame.’ So yeah, it was like ‘Wow.’”

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