Deonna Purrazzo Wants Chelsea Green In IMPACT

Deonna Purrazzo

Speaking in a new interview, IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo has said she would like to see former champion Chelsea Green return to the company.

In a strange twist of fate, Purrazzo and her best friend Chelsea Green were released by WWE on exactly the same day just 12 months apart. The pair teamed together briefly in NXT before Purrazzo was released on April 15th 2020.

In conversation with talkSPORT, Deonna Purrazzo said that she would love to see Green wind up back in IMPACT.

“I mean, especially Chelsea, but it’s kind of hard. Because when I was released last year, I was happy about it. I was kind of like ‘woohoo! Freedom! I get to be my own self.’ That’s not a lot of the cases this time around. Especially, Chelsea, it was more of a shock. So I’ve just kind of been like let the dust settle and then we’ll talk about it all. Obviously, IMPACT is where I want her to be and I want her to thrive and succeed.”

‘The Virtuosa’ continued, saying that she believes IMPACT would love to have her friend back in the fold.

“I think being so close and having the relationship we do, her seeing me thrive the last year too, is kind of a relief. Seeing her fiancé Matt Cardona thrive in the last year is relieving, too. Because it’s like I thought I was going to be at this place, I thought it was going to be my forever home, but I’ll be okay no matter what. Been there, done that. I’m sure IMPACT would love to have her back. She’s a former Knockouts champion too…”

Chelsea Green appeared in IMPACT from 2016 to 2018, performing as Laurel Van Ness. During her time with the company Green won the IMPACT Knockouts Championship on one occasion.

Meanwhile after leaving WWE a little over a year ago, Deonna Purrazzo has established herself as the top star in IMPACT’s women’s division. Purrazzo has held the Knockouts Title since November 2020, most recently defeating Jazz, in a ‘Title vs Career Match’ at Hardcore Justice.