Deonna Purrazzo Compares VXT To The Undisputed ERA

VXT Deonna Purrazzo Chelsea Green exclusive

Deonna Purrazzo has spoken openly about her time in VXT alongside Chelsea Green, comparing the once-trio – with Rachael Ellering – to The Undisputed ERA!

Speaking with Inside The Ropes’ own Adam Morrison, the current IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Champion would discuss her current partnership with Chelsea Green in VXT, while reminiscing about the time Rachael Ellering was also aligned with them:

“Yeah, it’s been so exciting because I think that we pushed so hard and originally, VXT wasn’t even Chelsea [Green] and I’s idea, it was Rachael Ellering’s. She came to Chelsea and I, and we’re like, ‘Hey, the three of us aren’t being used. How cool would it be to have this strong female group that kind of has the same background as almost an Undisputed ERA does in terms of real-life friends who have come together, who’ve travelled together, who’ve done the independent scene together, and now are dominating in one place, that kind of vibe.

Chelsea and I were like, ‘Hell yeah, let’s do it and see what they say’ because this could be really awesome and an opportunity for all of us to finally get on TV.”

Deonna would continue, addressing the unfortunate setbacks that resulted in the team never being able to execute VXT in NXT:

“Obviously there was some pushback and then also there was just some things going on, Chelsea was having some health stuff, I had some health stuff, Rachael, unfortunately, tore her ACL, so there was never really a time where the three of us got together, and actually got to do VXT in NXT.

But then I also think too, [with] Chelsea and I being real-life friends, we spend almost every day together, we were doing photoshoots and selling merch and things on the side just to keep ourselves relevant, just the two of us, and I think that through all of that, VXT really took [on] a life of its own for me and Chelsea.”

Wrapping up, ‘The Virtuosa’ spoke fondly of her and Chelsea Green’s time together thus far in IMPACT Wrestling, explaining how much input they’ve both had in making the tag team their own identity, rather than the company’s:

“So fast forward to IMPACT and us being together and pitching to be a tag team, and we both kind of were like, ‘What’s next?’ It just worked out perfectly and honestly, we’ve had all of the input.

They let us be VXT, they let us give direction for the Titantron we wanted and we got to pick our own music and find matching gear and find ways that her skirt can match my jacket or something like that, so it’s been really fun because we are actually so opposite when it comes to wrestling, to see how we can become cohesive and integrate little pieces of each other into ourselves, so it’s a dream come true.”

Deonna Purrazzo has enjoyed a successful career in IMPACT Wrestling thus far, being a two-time Knockouts World Champion – the second reign of which lasted for almost a full calendar year – and racking up a number of achievements. She recently lost to Masha Slamovich in a match to determine Jordynne Grace’s challenger for Bound For Glory.

During the interview, Deonna also spoke highly of her time working against Mickie James, how important it has been for representing IMPACT Wrestling in various other promotions, who she thinks deserves a spot in the IMPACT Hall of Fame, and more!

Many thanks to Deonna Purrazzo for taking the time to talk with us and to IMPACT UK for facilitating the interview – you can support IMPACT Wrestling by watching Victory Road on IMPACT Plus, IMPACT Ultimate Insiders, and Fite TV on 23 September.

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