“Well, I’m F***ed” – Deonna Purrazzo Jokes About Not Getting Triple H Photo

Deonna Purrazzo posing in an Impact ring

Current ROH Women’s Champion and IMPACT Knockout’s division standout Deonna Purrazzo never got her standout moment in WWE.

In fact, she never even got that classic Triple H photograph. You know the one.

Speaking on the Barstool Rasslin’ podcast, Deonna Purrazzo discusses not getting THE photo, and how jokingly photoshopping herself into one may have been a grim omen for her WWE run.

Deonna Purrazzo said:

“I never got a picture with Triple H when I was in NXT — our class picture. I was very upset about it. I’m [in] the only class probably in the history of the Performance Center to not get a class picture.

“So, I photoshopped my head on every single person in the picture besides Triple H, and then on his birthday, I tweeted at him and said, ‘Happy Birthday, boss. Thanks for the warm welcome to NXT!’

“That’s probably why I was fired. So the next class after me, which was Chelsea [Green]’s class is taking their picture with Triple H and I go up to Kristen Altman, who works in Stamford and I said, ‘Hey, my class didn’t get to take a picture with him. What’s up with that?’

“She’s like, ‘Yeah, we really dropped the ball. Kinda is what it is. You’re gonna have to win a championship if you want a picture with him now,’ and I said, ‘Well, I’m f***ed.’ So that’s the best Photoshop I’ve ever done.”

Not that she’d even want the photo now, as she said later in the interview.

However, considering Deonna Purrazzo recently became one of the first women to main event an IMPACT PPV opposite Knockouts Champion Mickie James, who recently returned to WWE herself after a controversial exit, perhaps a photo with Triple H upon an eventual return may not be off the cards.

But I wouldn’t bet on it.