Deonna Purrazzo On Building ‘The Virtuosa’ Brand

IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo recently appeared on the Press Pass Podcast and discussed building ‘The Virtuosa’ brand.

Fielding questions from various media outlets, Purrazzo also discussed the benefits of her short non-compete clause and much more.

When asked by Joel Torres what lessons she has learned working for IMPACT Wrestling, Purrazzo expressed her satisfaction in her character’s development. She attributed much of this to how the promotion has allowed her to showcase her character:

“To be on IMPACT every week and to be to able to show the world who I think ‘The Virtuosa’ is and explore her character every week with different opponents or with different challengers in the ring or backstage and how she would interact with each of the other women in our division expands me tremendously.” Purrazzo elaborated that “the biggest takeaway and learning point for me is how to be a larger-than-life character and to really bring ‘The Virtuosa’ out every single week.”

The reigning Knockouts champion acknowledged the boost her debut received by coming before the multitude of debuts at Slammiversary. This was a result of her 30 day non-compete clause as opposed to the more common 90 day clause. Speaking to Pro Wrestling Post, Purrazzo explained:

“I got to be the first person to come into Impact, and I kind of got all of that spotlight. So, I definitely benefited 100% from being ahead of my peers.”

After her debut in IMPACT, Purrazzo capitalised on the attention she received by continuing to build ‘The Virtuosa’ brand. The Knockouts Champion explained to Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard the importance of having the freedom to do exactly that:

“That is so important to me, and I think that as professional wrestlers and individuals that are looking for new opportunities to build our own brands and be successful in new avenues, IMPACT is one of the few places that lets all of its talent do that. We can explore other ventures while continuing to build ourselves as professional wrestlers.”

Fightful reported last month that IMPACT Wrestling has offered Purrazzo a long term contract. The promotion’s chances of getting their champion to sign the contract cannot be hurt by offering such welcome freedom.

You can watch the full Press Pass Podcast, where Purrazzo also responded to Inside The Ropes’ own Gary Cassidy, below:

Deonna Purrazzo & Rohit Raju LIVE on Press Pass Podcast!

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and X-Division Champion Rohit Raju chat with the media LIVE as part of the BFG Championship Series!

Posted by IMPACT Wrestling on Wednesday, October 14, 2020