Demolition’s Ax Suffering COVID-19 Symptoms

Ax Thumb

Ax of Demolition has been diagnosed with suffering symptoms linked to the COVID-19 virus, adding his name to the long list of stars who have been recently diagnosed.

The news was first broken by Marty D’Amato of T-Mart Productions, who informed the public that Bill Eadie would not be able to attend or participate in the planned virtual signing.

According to the promoter of the event, Eadie’s grandson contacted him at the beginning of the week beginning January 11 to inform him that both his grandfather and grandmother were experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. However, it is important to note that at time of writing, Ax had not been positively diagnosed with Coronavirus.

The official statement on Facebook read:

Some bad news to report.

Unfortunately Demolition signing will not take place this Saturday.
I just got a call from Bill and his oldest Grandson had contacted COVID last week and now Bill and his wife are feeling sick with symptoms..

Let’s all send our prayers to one of the nicest guys you can ever meet Bill Eadie and is family as they deal with COVID..

Bill said once he is better him and Barry will make the trip to join the Marty party.

Bill ‘Ax’ Eadie is among names like WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Mick Foley to either experience symptoms or be given a positive diagnosis in recent weeks, while AEW Superstar Chris Jericho has recently confirmed that he suffered from the virus in September 2020, shortly after holding a concert in Sturgis that was linked to 250,000 cases.

Along with Smash, Ax as Demolition is a former three time WWF World Tag Team Champion and often better known to fans of an older generation as both The Masked Superstar and Super Machine.

Inside the Ropes wishes Bill ‘Ax’ Eadie a speedy recovery.