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Demolition Touched By FTR Tribute

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Bill Eadie, formerly known as Ax of Demolition, has spoken out about the touching tribute from FTR to the legendary double act.

When the former Revival arrived in AEW, they had renamed themselves Dax and Cash. Names which seemingly went under the radar for the longest time until a fan finally figured out that their names were homages to Demolition’s Ax and Smash.

Confirming their current designation to be out of respect to the former WWF Tag Tam Champions, FTR revealed how much of an inspiration the face painted warriors were to them and many other teams, stating:

“Without guys like Bill Eadie & Barry Darsow, every single wrestler working right now could not make a living. The road was paved by them and I get to take care of my family because of that road. Wrestlers, don’t forget the reason we have what we have.”

Now, Demolition’s Ax has spoken to WrestleZone about the tribute to his team and what he thinks about FTR as a team. The usually vocal legend seemed touched, choked up and at a loss for words:

“Well, I’ll tell you what—that’s the first time I’ve heard that and normally I have a lot to say. I’m at a search for words. I really appreciate that. I never get a chance to—Barry and I, unless it’s at a convention—but if you’re talking to them and that’s truly the situation, please tell them thank you very much for us. I really do appreciate that, we both appreciate that,” Ax said. “And that’s a fine tribute because they are one of the teams—there’s 4-5 teams that I know that have been around for some time. I honestly think they are one of the few teams that actually work as a team. They remind me a lot of the Andersons, and Arn and Tully as well. They do a good job.”

Prior to The New Day breaking their record, Demolition were the longest reigning WWF Tag Team Champions for their first sovereignty with the gold. Toppling Strike Force at WrestleMania IV on March 22, 1988, the reign lasted an outstanding 478 days. Their three combined reigns clocked in at a combined 698 days.

Credit for the interview and transcription: WrestleZone