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Deal Agreed To Bring “Next Brock Lesnar” To WWE

Parker Boudreaux

At the turn of the year, the WWE Universe was whipped into a frenzy when Paul Heyman – the former Advocate to ‘The Beast Incarnate’ – tipped a Brock Lesnar lookalike for success.

Since then, ‘The Next Big Thing’ Parker Boudreaux, an offensive lineman for the UCF Knights, has reportedly been backstage at an NXT event as well as appearing at a Royal Rumble watchalong with Eva Marie – who is also rumoured to be returning to the company.

Well, in a major development to the story, Fightful is now reporting that Boudreaux is indeed WWE-bound, with both sides “agreeing” a deal.

“We’re told the two sides have at least already agreed on a deal and he’ll be coming in.”

The report is corroborated by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which notes Boudreaux recently signed a developmental deal with WWE.

“He signed a developmental deal and did a publicity photo of him at a Royal Rumble party watching with Eva Marie.”

At the beginning of the year, ECW legend Heyman shared a photo of Boudreaux, and quote tweeted his post saying, “His tweet is not a prediction. It’s a spoiler.” Instructing readers to save the tweet for future reference. Many have taken the praise to mean Heyman may have his eyes on the ‘next Brock Lesnar’ based on the caption and the obvious similarities shared between the two. That “spoiler” was simply that “2021 is going to be something SPECIAL…” for Parker Boudreaux.

No matter what Parker Boudreaux does in the future, knowing he has a fan in Paul Heyman is most certainly no bad thing. One thing’s for sure, Boudreaux’s look will most definitely always garner a second glance from wrestling fans.