DDP Compares Seth Rollins To WWE Hall Of Famer

Seth Rollins Clash at the Castle entrance

DDP has shared his thoughts on the current character of WWE Superstar Seth Rollins and the one aspect he thinks Rollins shares with a WWE Hall of Famer.

Seth Rollins has reinvented himself time and again in WWE and is currently portraying a delusional heel character on Monday Night Raw each week. Despite his unlikability, it is hard to deny the “Seth Rollins Drip” as the former WWE Champion always dresses to impress in some of the most outlandish suits seen this side of Michael P.S. Hayes.

Speaking on the DDP Snake Pit podcast, Diamond Dallas Page spoke about Rollins’ character and says the never-ending outfits reminds him of a WWE Hall of Famer he knew rather well, Macho Man Randy Savage:

“Once Seth started to really run with this character, I was amazed that it’s very Macho (Randy Savage), in the sense that Macho Man would have a different elaborate outfit every match and that’s the only part of Macho Man I’m taking the likeness from. Every match, every entrance, every interview, he is some new crazy, amazing outfit. That makes him pop. You know, and it makes him different.”

“And Seth Rollins, from the laugh to the music, to the clothing and outfits, I mean, he is different than anybody has ever been. Mach was like that. How many outfits did Mach have out there, you know!”

h/t Sportskeeda