DDP Reveals How Dusty Rhodes Pitched Him Beating Goldberg [Exclusive]

DDP & Dusty Rhodes

Diamond Dallas Page has revealed how Dusty Rhodes pitched him defeating Goldberg at Halloween Havoc. In an exclusive interview, WWE Hall of Famer DDP told Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy how Rhodes told Eric Bischoff, “You know, E, this night tonight could be Dallas’ night.”

“That night, I never knew it until later, But Dusty Rhodes went to Eric and said… [Impersonating Dusty] “You know, E, this night tonight could be Dallas’ night.” And Eric didn’t drop the strap on me that night because Goldie was going to be on Entertainment Weekly, big magazine in our country, and TV Guide, when that meant something, wearing the title the next day. What would have been great as if I’d have heard that. Oh, my God, I would have… Because it made sense for me to beat him. And it would have just bumped me up to that Austin level. It would have, really. Especially to beat him clean. It would have taken me to a different spot.”

Page went on to say how he’s happy with everything that happened, but if he had won the championship that night, Goldberg would have never had to have been hit with a Taser to eventually end his undefeated streak.

“Not that I’m not super happy with everything that happened in my life. The career I had was unbelievable and I’m super thankful for it, but if that would have happened, Goldie wouldn’t have had to get hit with a Taser and then the finish… That mortified him. It would have been a lot for him to swallow, me beating him, but the Diamond Cutter was so over at that time, you know, it would have really made sense – but that is what it is. To go back in time, it would have been fun but the match was still great. I always say, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you win or lose, on both sides.”

DDP also said that match went on last because he didn’t think anyone could have followed that match, reliving the story of how he was a chauffeur a matter of years before, and says his match with Goldberg was the former Universal Champion’s best ever match.

“I don’t think anybody could follow us that night. So, for me to go from driving the pink Cadillac to the ring, eight years later, to be sharing a main event spot that nobody wanted to follow, you know? That match with Goldberg, Goldie’s had some good matches since then but he ain’t ever had one that good. That’s one of my top four matches.”

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