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DDP Explains Why John Morrison Would Be A “Huge Star” In AEW

John Morrison

WWE Hall of Famer DDP has given his opinion that John Morrison would be a huge star in AEW and had already advised him to become All Elite.

DDP built a career in WCW winning the WCW World Title three times before heading to WWE when the former company was sold in 2001. Diamond Dallas Page continued his legacy there before a stint in TNA saw him start to wind down his full-time in-ring career.

Page has since made several appearances in All Elite Wrestling and was memorably one of Cody Rhodes’ cornermen in his emotional NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match with Nick Aldis at All In.

Speaking on The Bro Show DDP gave his thoughts on recently released WWE Superstar John Morrison and reveals that he advised Morrison to go to AEW before the former Intercontinental Champion returned to WWE in 2020:

“When John was thinking about going back (to WWE), I was like, ‘Bro, go to AEW. You’ll be a huge star there.’ Johnny’s one of the most talented workers on the planet… AEW is a different version of WCW, where the work rate is different to the jargon. The workers there are… you’ve just seen the guys from Undisputed (Era), all those cats can work their ass off.”

“That guy (Morrison) is one of the most talented human beings, as far as being an athlete, on the planet. His whole parkour stuff that he does. He’s a real-life superhero.”

John Morrison was released from his WWE contract on November 18th as part of continuing budget cuts in the company. Morrison’s wife Taya Valkyrie was released just two weeks before him on November 4th, 2021.

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