Diamond Dallas Page Compares Seth Rollins To Shawn Michaels

Seth Rollins & Shawn Michaels

Diamond Dallas Page has heaped praise on Seth Rollins, comparing him to WWE legend Shawn Michaels.

Although Seth Rollins is yet to officially earn himself a spot on the card for WrestleMania 38, he remains one of the biggest stars on Monday Night Raw. Furthermore, it has been reported that Rollins could be set for a huge clash with Cody Rhodes should the former AEW star sign with WWE as expected.

During an appearance on SK Wrestling’s The Bro Show, WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page had his say on Rollins’ road to WrestleMania.

Page explained that he feels Rollins is simply too good not be involved in something big, comparing him to WWE legend Shawn Michaels.

“He’s believable for a guy who’s not that big,” DDP said of Rollins. “Like Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels was believable as hell. He wasn’t that big, he didn’t need to be. He was Shawn Michaels. And he’s got that same kind of talent.

Plus, it’s the family. Top two women in the world, his wife. There’s something coming for Seth Rollins. He’s too good for it not to be. So, wherever he goes, at WrestleMania, there’s something coming for him.”

Expanding further, Page said that Rollins is so talented, there’s no way WWE can ignore him.

“You know they are not doing this with him all the way through this, for him not to come back strong,” DDP admitted. “The guy’s too good. Like, let him be himself ’cause the cat can go. He can work his ass off. Whatever happens, who knows who he’s working with. Whatever it is, it’s leading to something.

“WWE is not just gonna beat a talent down like that, to me, and I could be wrong, but they are not going to beat a talent down like that when he’s so good. Like, he’s one of the best workers on the planet.”

On the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins again failed to earn himself a match at WrestleMania 38. After losing out to AJ Styles following interference by Edge, Rollins threatened to take over the March 28th edition of the show if he didn’t get his WrestleMania moment.