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DDP Believes Cody Rhodes Would Be “Monster Money” In WWE

Cody Rhodes

WWE Hall Of Famer DDP thinks three-time TNT Champion Cody Rhodes could make a fortune for himself and WWE if he ever returned to the company.

Cody Rhodes turned heads when he walked away from WWE in May 2016 with the wrestling landscape very different from how it looks today. Rhodes then spent time in IMPACT Wrestling before capturing the ROH World Championship and joining the NJPW group Bullet Club.

It was as part of Bullet Club that Rhodes formed the foundation of what was to become AEW with The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Hangman Adam Page. The Bucks and Rhodes put their money where their mouth was in 2018 when they put on the All In show where they showcased the best of several company’s talents along with the best indy stars.

In 2019 AEW was born and since then Cody Rhodes has been a figurehead of the company behind the scenes and on-screen, with fans starting to resent him for the latter. However, despite his less than positive reactions in recent months, former WCW Champion DDP thinks the star could do major business for WWE if he ever returned.

Speaking on The Bro Show, Diamond Dallas Page named two pillars of AEW that he thinks could be a great success in WWE and would be his top picks to join the sports entertainment behemoth, as well as Rhodes, if he was a talent scout for the company:

“My top pick, no matter what, is MJF, because he’s been my boy all the way through, I just watched that promo again with him and [CM] Punk, the 19-minute promo, on both sides – Punk and him, it was money. MJF is one of the only true heels in the business.”

“My number two pick would be Britt Baker because that girl is over. And she works her ass off, and when she did the whole bloodbath deal, she took it to a different level. The [third] guy I bring in is Cody Rhodes, who can talk as good or better than anybody in the business and I think he would be monster money there now. He proved what he had to prove. He did it in a big way, and it would be brilliant of them to sign MJF, Britt [Baker], and him.”

MJF has frequently commented on a potential bidding war come 2024 when his AEW contract expires. The three-time Dynamite Diamond ring winner has made no secret of his desire to sign with whoever wants to make him the biggest offer whether that means staying with AEW or defecting to WWE.

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