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DDP Claims Beloved AEW Star Hook Has “The It-Factor”


WWE Hall Of Famer DDP has lavished praise on young AEW star Hook, saying that the popular fighter is the “young Marlon Brando of wrestling.”

Diamond Dallas Page has run the gambit of roles in the wrestling world over his many decades in the sport. The former three-time WCW World Champion made his name taking on the likes of Randy Savage and Hollywood Hogan in WCW before the company closed its doors in 2001.

Now speaking on Sportskeeda’s The Bro Show, the Master of the Diamond Cutter has spoken enthusiastically about a recent AEW debutant, and make no mistake DDP is delighted AEW finally sent Hook:

“That kid’s got it. I met him when they were filming Team Taz vs. Sting & Darby Allin’s theatrical match. I went out there to check out what was happening, and I got to see Taz, and I met Hook. He’s a super kid, handsome kid, Taz’s wife must be drop-dead gorgeous because he ain’t.”

“He’s a macho-looking dude, but that kid is super handsome. He’s got the ‘It’ factor. Women are gonna love him, and guys would want to hang out with him, and he had great hair.”

“His work in the ring, it didn’t seem it was a debut. He threw a lot of shooting sh*t in there. I’m gonna tell you he’s the young Marlon Brando of wrestling. Fuego is a hell of a worker too. You can’t have a bad match with that kid. He (Hook) did a lot of stuff that was a mixture of Judo and shooting. Wrestling is great when you look shoot, but you work.”

Hook’s popularity after his debut victory against Fuego Del Sol led to the second-generation star finally ousting CM Punk as the number one merchandise seller for AEW.

h/t Sportskeeda