Dax Harwood Unsure What The Future Holds For FTR


Speaking about the future of FTR, Dax Hardwoood admitted that he’s not sure what’s in store for the tag team in the next few years.

FTR, which is compiled of Harwood and Cash Wheeler, pride themselves to being one of the reasons why the interest in tag team wrestling has been rejuvenated. On a consistent basis, the pair has provided quality wrestling to the tag team division since 2016, and currently, they can boast about a resume that no other duo can say they have.

FTR Is Legendary, But The Future Is Cloudy

Throughout the entire history of professional wrestling, FTR is the only tag team that can say they’ve been WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT, AEW, Ring of Honor (ROH), IWGP Heavyweight and AAA Lucha Libre Tag Team Champions. With the ROH, IWGP and AAA belts, they still hold them today.

Dax Hardwood would recently take to his Instagram, where he would speak about the tag team and what they’ve been through over the years, stating he’s excited for “One Last Run” with his partner.

“All we’ve ever wanted to do in life was be a professional wrestler. Height, body-type, accent, life situations, we had all of it against us. Now, we leave a body of work I think we can be proud of.

When we started this journey in 2014, we tried to make sure we were always different from the everyone else wrestling currently. We also wanted to work so hard that eventually we’d go down as one of the greatest tag teams to ever do it. I’m not sure if we have reached that, but we’ll damn sure keep trying.

Thank y’all for going on this journey with us. Not sure where the next few years will take us, but I can’t wait for One Last Run.

Top Guys, out.”