Dax Harwood Responds To Seth Rollins Blasting ‘Cancer’ CM Punk – “I Can’t Be Mad”

CM Punk Dax Harwood FI

Dax Harwood has offered his response to Seth Rollins’ recent views on CM Punk in an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh.

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins caused controversy recently when he branded CM Punk as a ‘cancer’ and advised him to stay away from WWE. Whilst some felt the comments were a tongue in cheek response to rumours of a WWE return for Punk, Harwood pointed out the parallel’s with FTR’s feud with The Young Bucks in an exclusive chat with Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh:

“No, I didn’t expect it. But when I heard it, I had no feelings towards it.

I mean, again, the same thing with The Young Bucks and FTR, you can’t know the magic fully. Because if you know the magic fully, then you really don’t care. You know, you really don’t truly care about it. Because then you’re like oh, okay, well, they’re just playing, you know.

So, I never, as far as me and The Bucks go, I never want to fully let you in on the story. When it’s time, it’ll be time. Right now, I don’t want to let you in on the story, because it’s either not going to meet your shooting expectations, or it’s going to exceed them, you know, and then you’re going to be, you’re going to want more and more and more. But with that with the Punk situation, the story has been out, things have been said about Punk, right.”

Harwood would point out his close relationship with both men and highlighted his respect for Rollins’ WWE work. He also suggested the comments may be a work, but stated that he would not hold the comments against Rollins if they were indeed genuine:

“Seth Rollins saying those things is nothing new, but it is a WWE guy saying it. So it got some traction and got Seth some, you know, got him some headlines. I have a tonne of respect for Seth and he and I, when I was in WWE, we were very, very close. I went to his training school and hung out with him, went to his coffee shop.

He was a great, he was a great person to me. And obviously, I have a great relationship with Punk, maybe my best friends are Cash and Punk.

But in saying that, if it’s real, and Seth doesn’t like him, that’s okay, you know what I mean? That is totally okay. If it’s a work, that’s totally okay too, because you’re allowed to think and do and feel how you want. And I can’t be mad at someone for not liking a friend of mine. Because I’m telling you there’s a sh*t tonne of people on this planet right now that don’t like me, and Cash still loves me.”

A huge thank you to Dax Harwood for taking the time out to speak with Inside The Ropes, you can see Dax Harwood LIVE in Los Angeles on March 30 2023 – tickets are available via FTRWITHDAX.COM

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