Dax Harwood Refutes Major CM Punk & AEW Rumor

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It’s no secret that FTR’s Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler are real-life friends with CM Punk, and as gossip is wont to run rampant in professional wrestling, many fans have wondered if this friendship affected the pair’s standing in All Elite Wrestling and even whether it might have harmed their chances of winning the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Speaking exclusively to Inside the Ropes’ own Kenny McIntosh for Inside the Ropes Magazine, Dax Harwood addressed rumors that FTR’s relationship with CM Punk affected their standing in the company. He insists that their personal friendship with the former AEW World Champion had nothing to do with their presentation on television.

“I would like to tell you and say, either it is a negative, or I don’t want to speak on that, because people have thought and I’ve read it online, where they think the reason that we didn’t get the success and 2022 that we should have gotten, like, you know, being on TV more and so like it was because we were friends with Punk. Not the case at all, not the case at all.”

“AEW Never Had An Issue With Him Being My Friend” – Dax Harwood On Relationship With CM Punk

Continuing, Harwood spoke about the AEW locker room, revealing that CM Punk has more friends backstage than people may think, and also that those in charge in the company aren’t concerned with such personal relationships.

“Also, in the back, I think that there are a lot of Punk friends and Punk supporters, a lot more than is being told online, but AEW has never had an issue with him being my friend. We’re friends. You know, I don’t go on television with a wrist tape that says I love Punk, you know what I mean? Like, he and I are friends. They know that’s okay, and they know that I’m going to have friends.

“So Tony or Megha or The Bucks or Kenny or nobody has ever had a problem with that with me being the friend of being a supporter of him. They, I mean, you know, what can I do, or what can I say? He’s just someone that I enjoy being around and hanging out with and talking to. So no, dude, it’s the complete opposite. Actually, they really don’t give a sh*t that I’m friends with him.”

After a months-long hiatus from the company, FTR returned to All Elite Wrestling at AEW Revolution on March 5th, confronting The Gunns and making it clear that they intend to become AEW World Tag Team Champions in the future.

During the same interview Dax would open up on his future in AEW, a potential WWE return and his relationship with CM Punk.

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