Dax Harwood On Whether Leaving WWE Was Right Decision

Dax Harwood FTR

One half of FTR, Dax Harwood, has opened up about whether he believes ‘The Revival’ were right to leave WWE.

Harwood took to Twitter to answer questions put forth by fans. One of the many questions submitted came from a Twitter user asking Dax if he felt himself and tag team partner Cash Wheeler had made the right decision in leaving WWE in 2020, to which Dax replied with a short, definitive statement:

“For what we want to accomplish, yes.”

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler spent six years with WWE, known as ‘The Revival’. Although the team were received positively from the WWE Universe, many felt that the company failed to properly utilise the throwback tag team. The pair would ask for their WWE release in January 2019, but were denied by the company. They were finally granted their release from WWE on April 10, 2020, a staggering 19 months after their initial request.

In May of that year, Harwood and Wheeler would make their debut for All Elite Wrestling as ‘FTR’. After signing multi year deals with the company in July 2020, FTR would capture the AEW World Tag Team Championships from Kenny Omega and Adam Page. Notably, this Championship victory makes FTR the first tag team in history to have held both AEW and WWE tag team gold.

Both Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood have been vocal about their WWE run following their exit from the company. In a recent interview with Metro UK, Harwood explained that their lasting legacy inside the squared circle was a huge factor in their decision to walk away from Vince McMahon’s billion dollar business:

“We left [WWE] together because of our legacy and we started in AEW because of our legacy, and that’s a very important thing to us. But our job is also to make sure that when we’re done and we hang it up, everybody that we worked with is better than we were before.

This might get me a little heat, but Cash can tell you. I don’t give a damn about heat. We’re not gonna be the guys at 45, 50 years old and 50 plus who think that we need to go out there and still have 30-minute matches and beat everybody. That’s not us. We want to give back.”

Following their exit from WWE and subsequent debut with AEW, FTR have quickly become a dominant force within All Elite Wrestling. As part of The Pinnacle, the team recently faced the Inner Circle at AEW’s Blood and Guts.