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Dax Harwood Explains Why He’ll “Beat The Sh*t” Out Of You

Dax Harwood Bret Hart

AEW star Dax Harwood has explained the precise reason he’ll be happy to “beat the sh*t” out of anyone and it’s all down to his love of Bret Hart.

FTR’s Dax Harwood’s love of The Hitman is well known with many fans calling his recent Dynamite match with CM Punk a love letter to Bret Hart due to the use of similar moves and familiar spots that Hart used during big matches in his career.

Speaking to Brandon Walker on Rasslin, Harwood thinks people have connected with his admiration of his hero, and warns anyone that thinks they can admire The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be more than him that they better think again:

“I think people can resonate with admiration for their heroes. Obviously, there is nobody on planet earth that has more admiration for Bret Hart than me. I can promise you, there is not one person.”

“They’ll try to and I’ll beat the sh*t out of them. There is nobody that has more admiration for Bret because personally, without him even knowing it, he’s done a lot of sh*t for me. I think people can resonate with that and they are like, ‘these guys can meet their hero and work with their hero, I would love to do that.’ That’s what they want.”

Dax Harwood’s tag team partner Cash Wheeler then commented on their recent match on an independent show where they were managed by Hart. Wheeler says one-offs like that are great and means FTR can concentrate on doing their own thing in AEW:

“Those are cooler for me. I would love for Bret to be here (in AEW) and do all that, but I would rather do one night, tuff like we’re doing with Bret and (Mick) Foley. Dennis Condrey, the night after Bret. Those are cooler because it’s one night, we get to pay our respect and be out there with these guys.”

“As far as AEW and full-time, I’m happy it being me and Dax and doing our thing. We had a manager for a long time and now that we don’t, I’m okay with it being the two of us and seeing what happens.”

h/t Fightful