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Dax Harwood Discusses Young Bucks Bout, Multi-match Series Vs. One Big Match [Exclusive]

Dax Harwood recently discussed FTR’s dream match with The Young Bucks whilst also giving his thoughts on building to one big match in a feud.

Following an AdFreeShows watchalong of a match between The Brainbusters vs. The Rockers, a Q&A session was held. During this session, Inside The Ropes’ Scott McDonald asked Dax Hardwood about his views on the differences in feuds in his time and in the time of the Brainbusters. Specifically, does he enjoy working towards one big match (such as the FTR vs. The Young Bucks match) or would he prefer to work a longer series (such as with The Rockers vs. The Brainbusters, who faced each other four times on WWF television in 1989 alone)?

I think it all depends. With these guys [Anderson and Blanchard] and The Rockers, I believe this is right, they were having a whole house show run where they were working on all the live events. So that’s probably why they didn’t build to a main programme on a Wrestlemania or a Summerslam, because they were featuring that match at house shows, and I’ve heard from Arn and Tully that they were stealing the show every night and they put them in the main event because nobody could follow them. So they probably wanted to keep that up. As far as, you know, working a lot of different matches or one big one, again it depends on who it is. For The Young Bucks, obviously I wanted the match to be as special as possible because it was a match fans had dreamed about for a while and I think that’s why maybe I got a little perturbed with the build to The Young Bucks, because I wanted to be as close to perfect professional wrestling as we could get and I don’t think we got there, unfortunately for the fans. I do think the match completely delivered and it was – I was so emotional when that match was over. I was crawling up the stage with Cash and literally shedding tears because the match to me – it had meant so much to me. So I wouldn’t want to wrestle The Young Bucks every night of television, but that’s all just my opinion.

As Harwood is a vocal fan of 1980s wrestling, fans may have expected a longing for a shift to the style of feud worked by The Brain Busters. By working multiple matches, both on television and on house shows, performers can introduce a lot of nuances between bouts.

However, AEW – at least so far – has often preferred slow builds to their major events. Running only four pay-per-views each year, the importance of these events is heightened by seeing dream matches with months or even years of anticipation behind them. Chris Jericho vs. Jon Moxley, FTR vs. The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes vs. MJF are just some of the matches AEW has only booked once.

Based on the Dax Harwood comments regarding the Young Bucks match, however, that may change in the future. FTR will likely pursue both the return of their Tag Team Championships and their goal of “perfect professional wrestling.”

The Q&A session also offered an opportunity to ask Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard about a potential run in AJPW. Thanks must again go to AdFreeShows for facilitating the conversation with Dax Harwood. You can support them on Patreon here.