Dax Harwood Defends Bret Hart’s Recent Controversial Statement

Bret Hart embraces FTR backstage Dax Harwood Cash Wheeler

FTR member Dax Harwood has made no secret of his respect for WWE Hall Of Famer Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart in recent years, with both he and tag team partner Cash Wheeler proclaiming the influence that the former WWE Champion has had on their careers.

‘The Excellence Of Execution’ has been well known for his controversial views on modern day wrestling and recently hit the headlines with another outburst that has been swiftly defended by Harwood, a current AEW World Tag Team Champion.

Dax Harwood Defends Bret Hart’s Latest Outburst

Hart’s latest rant slammed his perceived lack of realism in the current product, with ‘The Hitman’ going as far as to label some current stars as ‘pathetic’.

But on a recent edition of his podcast FTR With Dax Harwood, the former Scott Dawson leapt to the defence of his idol, stating that he felt Hart’s comments had been misunderstood:

“So I think that, you know, there’s probably, you know, there’s, there’s gonna be a tonne of people that agree with him. I’m obviously one of them. But then a lot of people would think, Oh, he’s an old man yelling at the clouds, or, you know, he’s lost touch. Or he’s, you know, he’s just like, he hasn’t evolved with the time, right?

He doesn’t mean when he says that. He doesn’t mean he wants the fans to believe for 20 minutes of the match. He doesn’t mean, I expect the fans to believe when someone has made a headlock, and I shoot them off, and they bounce off the ropes and give me attack on the ropes and bounce off. There’s a lot, he doesn’t expect for them to believe, all 20 minutes.

But just like I told you earlier, he’s talking about these fans getting lost for one second, or for, you know, a few seconds each moment in the match. That’s what he’s talking about, to believe in the individual, to believe in the match. Not believe that every single thing is real, not believe that every flying head scissor is real, or every drop kick is real, to get lost in the action, to get lost in the match, get lost in the storytelling. That’s the real part.”

Harwood would go on to highlight a recent match with The Gunns as one that focused more on wrestling than spectacular moves, something that would no doubt have pleased Hart:

“Okay, with The Gunns, I’m speaking, I’m not speaking to put myself over, Cash over anything. But I’m speaking, because it’s just recently happened to me and I can speak from experience.

The match that we had with The Gunns this past Wednesday, I knew that the internet fans who are used to a certain type of spectacle of a match may not enjoy it, you know, or may not love it.

There were no big huge moves. And that was by design. There were no spectacular off the top flips. I think if you go back and watch that match, watch that whole show. Our match was probably the only match that didn’t have a dive, or multiple dives or brawling all over the floor.”

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