Dax Harwood Comments On A Potential CM Punk AEW Return

CM Punk Dax Harwood FI

CM Punk’s AEW future remains and mystery and Dax Harwood doesn’t have the answer.

The former AEW World Champion hasn’t wrestled since defeating Jon Moxley in the main event of All Out back in September. However, it was his post-show conduct that dominated the news. Punk took aim at a number of key AEW figures during the post-show media scrum and later got into a brawl backstage. This was after he already sustained a triceps injury during the match.

While it was initially believed that Punk would never wrestle for AEW again, he remains under contract and will reportedly soon be available. Although it appears that no one is really sure of his next move.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh, Dax Harwood was asked about Punk and admitted that hasn’t got a clue whether he will be back.

“So a few months ago, I wasn’t even there, you know what I mean? Like I wasn’t, I wasn’t in AEW, we left. I think the last time we were at AEW as a talent was the middle of December, so I haven’t been there. So I have no clue, and if I did have a clue, I wouldn’t tell anybody. Because again, it’s that mystique, you know, it’s that mystique of what’s real, what’s not real? Yeah, Dave’s tunes also kind of changed recently.

I got a text message from my, from my co-host, my podcast co host, Matt Kuhn, just the other day, and it was a text from Dave and he said, Hmm, it seems like someone, I’m talking about me, has changed the narrative on Punk, and now it’s looking more positive. So I don’t know. It’s, you know, I have no idea. And if I did have an idea how close we were, there’s no way I would tell it because there is a mystique and wrestling, there’s a wall we have to keep up. And I think it’s f*cking fun to keep that wall up sometimes.”

Dax Harwood Says He Doesn’t Know What’s Next For FTR

During the same interview, the tag team star also reiterated that he doesn’t know what comes next in his own career. The former World Tag Team Champion said he and Cash Wheeler are undecided over where they will go next while discussing a potential return to WWE.

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