Dax Harwood Blasts “Loser Ass Wrestler” For Treating Young Talent “Like Sh*t”

Dax Harwood

Veterans and current stars clashing on social media is nothing new, but Dax Harwood left no doubt about how he feels about one “33-year pro wrestler.”

The interaction came after Dolph Ziggler was holding a Q&A on Twitter using the AskTheHeel hashtag. This led to a fan asking Ziggler how he would like to be remembered. The former World Champion pointed to his reliability and ability to have a good match with anyone no matter the situation.

“Being a legit iron man, who doesn’t get hurt, doesn’t call in sick, can’t be outdone (unless booked that way), is 10/10 on every category there is in pro wrestling & after all that, still fights the fight everyday & REFUSES to sit back and coast! anyone disagree? Good f’n luck.”

The comment brought a reply from “Real Mean Marc Ash,” someone who bills themselves as a “33-year pro wrestler” on the platform. Ash accused Ziggler of not telling the truth about his injury record before the WWE star challenged him to bring the receipts.

Dax Harwood also saw the exchange and dived in, branding Ash a “loser ass wrestler” who treated young guys like “sh*t” because he never made it.

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