Dax Harwood Blasts Fellow AEW Star For Running To “The Dirt Sheets”

Dax Harwood in the ring

Dax Harwood has addressed claims that people in the AEW locker room were “mad” at him for comments on his podcast.

On the first edition of FTR with Dax back in December, Harwood spoke about the situation between AEW and CM Punk, saying he hoped the straight-edge star would return to the company and work with The Elite again. He also claimed that Punk had never wanted to be World Champion.

Following the launch of the episode, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that there was unhappiness in the locker room about some of his comments.

Dax Harwood claims one particular star spread the story of locker room “unhappiness”

Speaking on the latest episode of FTR, Harwood explained that one star was repsonsible for “running to the dirt sheets” with the story.

“Whenever we started the podcast and Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez were saying, ‘Oh, everybody is p**sed off at Dax, everybody is so mad at Dax.’

“Do you know why they said that? Because I know for 100% fact, who told them. And I know why they said that. Because one individual, and I’m sure there were people upset. I’m not saying that.

“I’m saying one individual. And I know this, because the locker room told me, one individual went into the locker room and openly said, ‘I can’t believe he’s talking about that. I can’t believe he’s saying that, I can’t believe he’s doing it.’

“That same individual went to the dirt sheets, and I know it for a fact, which of the dirt sheets, and said, ‘I can’t believe he’s saying that, everybody is upset with him’ because they want that narrative out there. Right.

The former AEW Tag Team Champion went on to ask fans to make their “own assumption” rather than listening to secondhand reports.

“I guarantee that the person that I’m talking about is not the person or people you guys think that I’m talking about. But what I’m saying is, is make your own assumption.

“Come meet us at a convention or whatever and make your own assumption. Don’t do it through a dirt sheet or whatever perceptions you want to get from a journalist, because I’m telling you right now that my “complaining” is coming from a place of passion because I want FTR to be the best they possibly be.

“But above FTR, I want professional wrestling to be the best it possibly can be. And now I get off my soapbox from that hope. I hope the fans either listen to it and appreciate what I said or just f**king fast-forward through this.”

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