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David Arquette Claims TNT Stopped Him From Wrestling In AEW

Former WCW Champion David Arquette wanted to wrestle in AEW ahead of the premiere of his documentary, and he explained why he believes that never came to pass.

Speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, David Arquette revealed that he had plans to involve Cody Rhodes in his documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette, which chronicled the actor’s return to wrestling for the first time since his infamous WCW stint in 2000 that saw him win the WCW Championship. The documentary features a number of independent wrestlers that had since signed with AEW, including Brian Pillman, Jr., Colt Cabana, Ethan Page, and Jungle Boy.

“I was talking to Cody Rhodes about trying to have him in the film and it was right as all the AEW stuff was coming together.”

David Arquette continued, presenting a plan for Cody to challenge the actor for disrespecting the WCW Championship, a belt that meant a great deal to his father Dusty Rhodes.

“I wanted to have a match with him, I thought it would be funny to be like [as Cody] ‘You disrespected the belt to my dad and I’m gonna pay you back.’ That was my pitch to him. But we had started this documentary way before [AEW] and then this explosion in wrestling happened. I still don’t think that Hollywood takes wrestling as seriously as they should. Look at what The Rock is doing.”


The Scream star also revealed that he wanted to have a match in AEW ahead of the release of the documentary, but he believes the TNT Network put a stop to those plans.

“That was the upsetting thing with AEW because a lot of the guys in AEW were in the movie. I wanted to do a match or something to promote the movie. They were like no, but I think it was TNT. They were trying to charge me.”

Arquette then clarified that the network wasn’t actually trying to charge him, but that they had a number of contingencies when it came to promoting.

“No but it went through to the publicity department and it was like it costs this much to promote. We were looking to advertise on the shows or something within AEW, but they looked at it as ‘We charge this much to promote something in the ring.’ That was depressing because I knew how much it meant to the guys.”

David Arquette nearly died during the filming of his documentary

You Cannot Kill David Arquette is perhaps most infamous for featuring a death match between the former WCW Champion and former GCW Champion Nick Gage. The two men met in a death match which suited Nick Gage, with Arquette getting cut in a planned spot. However, immediately something was very apparently wrong and Arquette clamped his hand to his neck to stem the flow of blood. The incident made headlines in the wrestling world and beyond, with Arquette going to the hospital and then thankfully recovering.

In the same interview with Chris Van Vliet, David Arquette had this to say about the situation:

“I didn’t know what the ultra violence thing was. They were like ‘This is the ultra violence part.’ I’m like, ok. You should have seen what was supposed to come next. I was supposed to go through a barbed wire wall, there was a bunch of stuff, but I didn’t care. I was asked why I wanted to do this, and I was like well it’s getting pain to numb the pain.

“What I learned doing the documentary was that I was beating myself up mentally, but why? That negative voice is my biggest enemy. I was drinking beers to quieten it down, but you have to think of other ways.”