Davey Boy Smith Jr. Calls British Bulldog Hall Of Fame Induction “Long Overdue”

British Bulldog Thumb

Davey Boy Smith Jr., the son of the legendary British Bulldog, has unhooked the collar on plans to induct his father into the WWE Hall of Fame.

At the beginning of 2020 it was revealed that the beloved Brit would finally take his place in the hallowed halls following years of petitioning by supporters and a campaign created especially to force the company’s hand. However, things went awry when the world shut down following an outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, as well as well wrestling events worldwide, were postponed indefinitely.

Now, WWE have announced that the class of 2020 which also includes, Batista, The Bella Twins, JBL, the NWO and Japanese sensation Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger, will be inducted over the course of WrestleMania 37 in April 2021.

Speaking to The Metro newspaper in the United Kingdom, Davey Boy Smith Jr. revealed his preparation for inducting his father into his rightful place among wrestling’s elite:

“I’ve been starting to pinpoint things. I’m gonna have to base that on how much time they’re going to allow me. My sister and my mother will be with me on the podium, and how much we’re gonna have to divide that between the three of us – and who’s going to do the induction for him.

I’m not sure what or who that might be at this point because of the COVID restrictions. I think it will just be me inducting Davey, as far as I know. I don’t think that they’re doing an audience, just with the fans from the Network on the screens.”

Smith’s words would indicate that the initial report by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter – of a virtual ceremony – were true and there will be no physical audience to welcome the inductees into immortality.

“I’m pinpointing things down now, and trying to think of specific stories that I might want to address or what might be something the WWE Universe hasn’t heard. Of course, definitely appreciative to them for all the support they’ve given my father and the wrestling industry – definitely big thanks to them. I’ll have to see how much time I have to really decide.

Definitely long overdue, but I’m glad that it’s finally happened now. It’s a huge honour and I’m glad that WWE has put faith into me to do the induction. As far as I know right now, it’s not gonna be anyone else, so I’m very grateful for that.”

The United Kingdom’s very own Hulk Hogan, The British Bulldog was an attraction wherever he went in the country and was one of the reasons as to why the promotion was such a success when it visited Blighty in the early nineties.

So beloved was he in his home country that the company moulded SummerSlam 1992 around him, prioritising his WWF Intercontinental Championship Match with Bret Hart above the WWF Championship Match and making it the historic main event of the fondly remembered pay-per-view event.

Credit for the interview: The Metro

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.