Dave Meltzer Updates Locker Room Tension Between FTR And The Elite

AEW Dave Meltzer

It was just last week when Dave Meltzer reported that the divisiveness couldn’t be worse between CM Punk’s camp and The Elite camp, but now he provides an update with a different tune.

On the Wrestling Observer Radio following AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, Meltzer went on to say that there is not as bad as division against The Young Bucks between certain supporters of CM Punk in FTR.

“FTR, & Omega, The Young Bucks, they’re all fine. Some people think it’s like this divide, with Punk & FTR against these guys.”

If you ask one half of FTR in Dax Harwood, Meltzer hasn’t helped any of the matters. Harwood mentioned Meltzer by name in a deleted Tweet from last week, claiming an individual was running to the Wrestling Observer journalist about having a “bad mood” insteading of handling it face-to-face. Meltzer responded with his own thoughts on the situation to Harwood, stating that it didn’t work that well the last time (referring to the “Brawl Out” incident).

Dave Meltzer Claims There Still Needs To Be Fence-Mending

Meltzer continued on with his new report, stating that while tensions weren’t as serious between The Elite and FTR, some stuff still has to be worked out with The Elite and Punk himself. However, Meltzer adds a little optimism on the matter than he did in previous reports.

“With Punk, there’s still fence mending that needs to be done for them to work together & everything like that. It could happen, it may not happen, time will tell. But with FTR, it’s fine, there nothing at all that would hold if they wanted to do a tag title program at some point, tomorrow, everyones cool with that.”

Whether the tension is palpable or not, AEW isn’t taking any risks. A recent report from Fightful stated that at Forbidden Door, Omega and CM Punk were kept on opposite sides of the building in Toronto.

H/t to Wrestle Purists on Twitter.