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Dave Meltzer Speculates on Tony Khan’s Announcement

Tony Khan

Dave Meltzer has tried to shed light on what Tony Khan’s big announcement might be on Dynamite and why it could involve Ring Of Honor but likely won’t involve Cody Rhodes.

AEW President Tony Khan has promised a huge announcement on the go-home Dynamite show ahead of the Revolution pay-per-view which will take place on the 6th of March.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated to what the announcement might be, reacting to speculation that Khan could be purchasing Ring Of Honor and unlikely suggestions that recently departed AEW star Cody Rhodes could be involved:

“I don’t know what the deal is. I’ve seen a lot of speculation about different things. As far as the Ring Of Honor aspect of it, as far as buying Ring Of Honor to run a Ring Of Honor promotion, that makes no sense to me at all. Like, none.”

“Part of it is also people’s fantasy because they want the Cody thing to be a work for whatever reason. So it’s like Cody can then run Ring Of Honor and the whole thing’s a work.”

Meltzer continued by adding that if Tony Khan was to purchase ROH it would likely be for the tape library that features many stars currently wrestling in AEW, and that content is the major way to make money in the era of big-spending streaming services:

“But the idea of why would you run a second company, I mean it makes no sense at all. As far as buying Ring Of Honor for the tape library, that makes all the sense in the world. Number one you’ve got tapes of Danielson, Punk, and these guys in their formative years and even prime years in some sense, some of the best matches they’ve ever had.”

“Even though the production values are not high, it’s still hours of tape that you have because the big thing is obviously, Tony’s not stupid, the big money right now is selling something to a streaming service that’s gonna overpay. I mean, that’s the deal right now. That’s what WWE did, Nick Khan made that great deal with Peacock. That’s the way you make a deal right now.”

“Don’t do your own streaming service, you may start your own streaming service at first but the idea is to sell to somebody with a company that wants to overpay for it and when they overpay for it then you can make real money. There’s probably more money in that than anything other than the TV rights themselves. It’s the second biggest thing, it’s probably bigger than pay-per-view now.”

“If WWE got $200 million a year for the streaming rights, so if they could get $20 million for them that’s a great deal. Whether it’s HBO Max or somebody else, there could be a million people in the streaming game. I still think the biggest thing for [AEW] moving forward is getting a larger library and selling it to a streaming service so you’ve got access to the library anytime you want.”

It was also brought up that Ring Of Honor currently holds the rights to the All In show that was held in September 2018. That show is considered a precursor to AEW and was put on by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, and according to Meltzer is a vital part in telling the true story of the formation of AEW:

“You don’t need it but it would be very beneficial in telling the story of the company. Like if you wanna do a documentary on the formation of [AEW] you pretty much need that tape. You can tell the story a certain way and downplay All In but if you’re doing it for real, that is so big a part of the story of this company’s birth even though Ring Of Honor owns the tape.”

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