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Dave Meltzer Speculates On MJF’s AEW Future


Following Double Or Nothing where MJF did compete, Dave Meltzer has now discussed the star’s future in AEW amid ongoing uncertainty.

MJF has made no secret about his contract situation with AEW, seemingly letting all and sundry – including potential suitors – know that come 2024 he is available to the highest bidder.

The three-time Dynamite Diamond ring winner’s relationship with AEW President Tony Khan is said to have deteriorated in recent months with the two having a “heated” conversation following MJF participating in an interview that wasn’t cleared by the AEW office.

Things looked to have come to a head before Double Or Nothing in Las Vegas with MJF no-showing a meet and greet he had been advertised for, with his match with Wardlow at the show being put in serious jeopardy.

Despite the rumours to the contrary, MJF did show up at the T-Mobile Arena to open the show with his former bodyguard, making fans wait just that little bit longer than usual for him to appear once his music had hit. On the show, the former Pinnacle leader took 10 powerbombs from Wardlow following months of attacks and antagonism from the Salt of the Earth.

Now Dave Meltzer speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio has speculated about what all these goings-on mean for MJF’s future in AEW. First, he and co-host Bryan Alvarez address the rumours of a flight being booked for MJF so he could go home ahead of Double Or Nothing and confirm that no flight was booked for Maxwell Friedman, other than his scheduled one that was booked for him going home as per usual.

The pair then questioned the theory that the situation was a “work” between MJF and the company. Meltzer thinks the situation at least began as real given that Tony Khan would not discuss MJF after Double Or Nothing:

“While he did not say a word about it, it was very obvious that there had been a lot going on between Tony [Khan] and Max in some way, shape or form that was, you know, whatever it was that happened, something happened. If nothing had happened, after this thing, [Khan] would have said nothing happened.”

“[But] he would not talk about anything to do with Max. The very first question [at the post-show media scrum] he was like ‘I will not talk about this subject’ and later I tried to ask him about will we ever see him in AEW again and it’s again, he would not say anything.”

Bryan Alvarez then confirmed that the list of matches available for the talent working the show had MJF’s match with Wardlow going on first and that hadn’t changed all day prior to the event. With Meltzer adding that “of course” anything further is now storyline given MJF’s extremely late arrival at the T-Mobile Arena suggesting that the company knew he’d turn up and him leaving the show immediately after his loss to Wardlow.

Dave Meltzer then added that he thinks “it’s more likely than not” that fans will see MJF again in AEW at some point but says he can’t prove that theory and also thinks that given MJF was stretchered out of the arena that “it may be a few weeks but it may be much longer” before he re-appears on television.