Dave Meltzer Reveals Incredible AEW All In Resale Ticket Stat

AEW Dave Meltzer

All Elite Wrestling are headed overseas for the first-ever AEW All In, and though tickets aren’t yet officially on sale to the general public, pre-sales have already smashed the company’s previous attendance record.

Khan first announced the blockbuster event on the April 5th episode of Dynamite, revealing that not only would the company be making its UK debut on August 27th, but the show would be held inside the iconic 90,000 seat Wembley Stadium.

Fans with a pre-sale code were able to purchase tickets ahead of the public on-sale date of May 5th, and sales are already through the roof. At the end of May 2nd, it was reported that the company had sold over 36,000 tickets, ensuring it would break the company’s previous attendance record of 20,177 attendants at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam back in September.

Ticket sales now surpass 60,000, and Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer noted that not only has the company surpassed sales for WWE Clash at the Castle back in September, but also every WrestleMania show except for the 2016 edition in Dallas, TX.

Dave Meltzer Says AEW All In Tickets Have Astoundingly Low Resale Rate

When Meltzer was discussing the number of tickets sold on Twitter, one fan pointed out that popular resale site StubHub showed less than 1000 tickets available for the event. Meltzer explained that when it comes to major events, 20% of tickets sold usually end up on resale sites, and some WWE events have even surpassed 50% of tickets up for resale. Incredibly, AEW All In only has 1.35% of its sold tickets available on the secondary market according to Meltzer.

“The rule of thumb for a major event is 20% and there have been major WWE shows that topped 50%. This show is 1.35%”

This statistic indicates that very few people purchased tickets with the intent to resell them at a higher price; instead, the vast majority of tickets have been sold to fans who intend to see the show for themselves.

No matches have currently been announced for the show.