Dave Meltzer – “I Think It’s Pretty Clear What The Investigation Found”

CM Punk holding his ears

Dave Meltzer has claimed that the investigation and into the events following AEW All Out is over, and it’s “pretty clear” what the results are.

Following his victory in the main event of All Out CM Punk attended the post show media scrum and launched a verbal attack on Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, Adam Page and Colt Cabana. These comments sparked a brawl backstage and everyone involved was suspended as an investigation began.

All involved have remained quiet publicly about the situation, but that changed on October 26th. As it was reported that The Elite would be returning to AEW very soon, a further report emerged with claims from CM Punk. The biggest of these was that his dog Larry was injured during the brawl as the door to his dressing room was kicked in, leaving him needing to have two teeth removed.

Dave Meltzer – “The Response Was ‘It’s An Outright Lie'”

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez addressed the situation. Both Alvarez and Meltzer disputed that the door was “kicked in” during the fight. Meltzer went on to explain that this was the first time he had heard of the dog being injured. Furthermore, those opposing Punk had branded this retelling of events an “outright lie.”

“Everyone is still banned from talking publicly about the situation. The investigation is over, and you can tell by who’s back and who’s not back, and also kind of by what Punk said. He mentioned that the investigation never talked to Lucy Guy [Ace Steel’s wife], which is true they never did for whatever reason, and I don’t have a reason.

He mentioned that, which would tell you that he’s not happy with the results of the investigation, and based on again, who’s back and not back, that will tell you essentially what the investigation found because if what happened, happened as he claimed, it would be the other way around. He would be the one back, and they would be the ones not around.

I think that’s a pretty clear thing as far as what the investigation found.

The only think I did hear, the response to what was said, was basically it’s an outright lie. I did have that told to me. But no one could really say anything more as far as the dog thing goes.

The thing that I find most interesting about the dog thing, again, I wasn’t there so I don’t want to go too strong on this, but I have heard from his side, on and off since a couple of days right after it happened, like two days after it happened, and multiple times since then, what happened, their version, their side.

The idea was that the Bucks came in and it was gonna turn into a fight and it just happened that he threw the first punch. If it wasn’t him, the other guys would have. That was always the side of him.

‘It was gonna be a fight so I swung first,’ but they came in trying to be intimidating and that led to everything. Chris Guy [Ace Steel] acted the way he did because his wife was on crutches and had a broken foot and was taking care of the dog. But never, in seven weeks, have I heard anyone mention anything about the door opening, hitting the dog, or the dog being hurt or anything like that.

I just find that one so weird, that the side that was trying to defend him all along never brought that up once, and now all of a sudden that’s the story. The other side just called it a lie.”

Meltzer added that “It’s no coincidence that this story broke the day that they came back.” This is in reference to Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks being backstage at the October 26th episode of Dynamite.

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