Dave Meltzer Says There’s “Pending Legal Issues” After All Out

The Young Bucks CM Punk

Dave Meltzer has discussed the chaos after the All Out media scrum and says there are “pending legal issues” following a backstage fight.

All hell broke loose following CM Punk’s explosive comments at the post-All Out media scrum where the AEW World Champion took aim at Hangman Adam Page as well as The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

Reports suggest that Punk had thrown a punch at Matt Jackson while Nick Jackson ended up the worse for wear as a result of a chair thrown by Punk’s friend and AEW producer Ace Steel. Steel is also alleged to have pulled Kenny Omega by the hair and to have bitten the former AEW Champion.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio has reacted to the situation and says that there is “pending legal issues” as a result of what went down:

“There are things going on and a lot of people trying to make it worse. It was accelerating. […] Nobody’s allowed to talk, or wants to talk – well, they’re not allowed to talk because there’s pending legal issues based on what happened. It is not a work at all. You don’t have legal issues, you don’t have a police officer run in there, it’s not a work, that’s for sure.”

“[…] There’s a lot of legal situations involved and it can be very messy. I think that’s one of the reasons why nobody in AEW is allowed to talk about it and from a company standpoint, nobody from the company has talked about it. They’re gonna have to at some point address it.”

Meltzer’s co-host Bryan Alvarez then explained what he had heard from different people in regard to the situation – but not those directly involved:

“Nobody is disputing CM Punk punched Matt Jackson. Nobody is disputing that there was at least a punch thrown and Punk punched Matt. No one is disputing Ace Steel threw a chair and hit Nick, and nobody is disputing that [Steel] pulled Kenny Omega’s hair and bit him. These things are the things that appear from both sides that nobody is in disagreement. The disagreement between the two sides is that one side claims that CM Punk threw the punch first, The Young Bucks walked in and he started punching.”

“The other side claims that The Young Bucks stormed in and were the aggressors and that Punk and Ace were defending themselves. Those were the two sides of the story and depending on who you talk to, who was there, who heard what from who, you’re gonna hear one side of the story or the other.”

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