Dave Meltzer Addresses Natalya And Liv Morgan Live Event Incident

Natalya & Liv Morgan

Dave Meltzer has attempted to clarify exactly what happened during a bizarre incident between Natalya and Liv Morgan at a recent WWE Live Event.

Natalya made headlines this week after she allegedly no-sold Liv Morgan’s finisher during a Triple Threat Match at a recent WWE house show. The Queen of Harts immediately stood and pointed at the newly crowned SmackDown Women’s Champion after eating the loss, before quickly leaving the ring.

Both Natalya and Morgan have received some heat online from fans who believe the finish of the match was botched. Natalya would later claim that she was saying “thank you” to Morgan and that nothing serious had happened.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the two competitors completed the planned finish of the match, but “there was an issue” involved. Meltzer added that the issue had “nothing to do with Morgan” and acknowledged the online fan backlash. Natalya reportedly was “mad,” but it’s uncertain why the former SmackDown Women’s Champion decided to storm off after the match.

Meltzer also acknowledged that the audience in attendance didn’t know how to react.

“It wasn’t like most of the crowd reacted to it in any way or thought it was unusual. But I did see the clip and it was a little bit unusual, she did just get up and leave.”

Meltzer explained that things had been smoothed over later that night behind closed doors, and that everything seemingly was fine afterward. Morgan is scheduled to face off against Natalya this Friday in a championship contender’s match on SmackDown.

H/t – Wrestling Inc.