Dave Meltzer Comments On Chances Of John Cena In AEW

John Cena

With the wrestling world changing seemingly by the day, Dave Meltzer has commented on the possibility of WWE icon John Cena becoming All Elite.

With Vince McMahon making way in WWE for Triple H to run that side of the company, many fans have wondered what that means for some of the legends and bigger names that came to the fore during McMahon’s time in charge.

Brock Lesnar walked out of SmackDown when the news broke that McMahon was to retire but The Beast Incarnate returned and competed at SummerSlam although his longer-term future with the company remains unclear.

Dave Meltzer appearing on Wrestling Observer Radio was asked about the chances of John Cena seeing what wrestling future he has left being elsewhere given the changes in WWE. The question centred on Cena possibly joining AEW given his connections with Warner Brother Discovery which owns the networks that AEW airs on in the US.

As far as Meltzer is concerned, don’t bank on that ever happening:

“Pretty much zero percent. He’s not gonna do that. Too much loyalty to the company, I just don’t see that happening. The thing is also, it’s like Hulk Hogan did that but Vince McMahon decided he was gonna phase Hogan out and Hogan thought he still had legs left as the top guy.”

“Cena doesn’t need the money. You can’t give him the money and make it viable for your business for it to be worth it to him, to make that move like they did with Hogan at that time because Cena has so much more money than Hogan did at the same time.”

“Cena’s not looking to be the top guy, he’s got his Hollywood thing so he’s just looking to come in here and there. So you can never say zero percent but like 0.1 percent you know what I mean? I don’t envision that has a chance of happening. The only way would be a giant falling out and I don’t see WWE allowing it to get that bad.”

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